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Training and Education

PRENAC believes that people learn by doing. Our continuous Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Education program provides full spectrum of courses and hand-on workshops. From Solar Training to wind power education, participants learn to safely design, build, maintain and troubleshoot renewable energy systems. Academy provides standardized as well as customized trainings meeting the needs of the Solar and Renewable Industry.
Training/workshops at PRENAC provides professional development opportunities for individuals, Electricians, Installers, Architects, consultants, Inspectors, Engineers and business community as well as the diverse industry professionals.
All sessions are led by experienced trainers with diverse backgrounds and years of professional training experience.

Consultancy & Engineering

In all phases of your project, we provide you with expert independent advice and support.

1. Analysis and conceptual design

Site Surveys, Site Inspections, Feasibility studies, Environmental Impact Assessments, Economic and technical analyses, Project plans, conceptual studies of plants, preliminary planning and conceptual engineering, operation management concepts.

2. Engineering and contract award

General planning, basic engineering, permit planning, detail engineering, plant specification/functional specifications, tendering, bid evaluation, contract award recommendation and negotiations, preparation of contracts.

3. Implementation

Checking of drawings, factory acceptance, specialist site management and supervision, coordination of commissioning, acceptance at completion, documentation, trial operation and warranty support , Interface coordination, project steering, general project supervision, health and safety coordination, training and instruction.

4. Operation

System performance Monitoring, Process optimization, quality assurance and maintenance scheduling and operators Training.

5. Business Consultancy

Market analyses, tariff studies, project development, strategy and organization consulting, financial modeling, project financing, project management, lender’s engineering, due diligence, mergers & acquisitions.

Authorized Service Center

Renewable Technology is new in Pakistan and customers and suppliers are facing problems in repairing and warranty fulfillment of the equipment. PRENAC will provide troubleshooting, repair and warranty fulfillment services duly authorized by manufacturers and suppliers. Troubleshooting and repair will be done by certified and trained technicians and engineers.

Solar System Testing and Verification

Because of under-designing of solar systems, their performance is doubtful in the long-run. PRENAC provides solar system testing and verifications services like I-V curve and performance measurement parameters. The services will be provided to all those who wish to verify and certify systems design and performance measurement.


The research will be focused on the following areas;

  • Energy Efficiency
  • System Performance measurement
  • Safety and Protection
  • Solar PV standards
  • Solar Market Dynamics
  • Local manufacturing

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