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Pakistan Renewable Academy (PRENAC) is the first Renewable Academy in Pakistan Providing Renewable Energy Training and consulting services. Its first center was established in Islamabad and them moved to Lahore.  The Academy is run by renowned trainer and Renewable Energy expert Engr. Faiz M Bhutta who is master trainer from RENAC Berlin and is master trainer from GIZ Pakistan and PEC Resource person on CPD course on Renewable Energy. He has trained so far about 2500 persons in Pakistan.

Participants come from all cities of Pakistan including SWAT, Quetta, South Punjab, Hyderabad, Sukkur etc. PRENAC is an approved Professional Engineering Body (PEB) for CPD Course for PEC registered Engineers. Training is held at Energy Training Center which is equipped with well equipped solar Lab and solar roof top system is installed for hand-on training and it is now being upgraded to start three months and six months skill development programs in Renewable Energy and Energy Management.

Center provides equal opportunity environment and provides heavy discounts to females to encourage their greater participants. Nation can not progress with their equal participation.

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